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Difference between optical and mechanical mice.

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(Differences between mechanical mice and optical mice)


- Good morning.
- My name is Thomas and I am a student.
- I would like to talk today about the differences between the mechanical mice and the optical mice. (Folie 1)
- Let me start by saying just a few words about the presentation


- I have divided my presentation into three parts.


- Lets start with the movement.
- The control of a programme can essentially be simplified with a mouse. (Folie 2)
- The keyboard usally only serves the data capture.
- As you can see, it is better to use a mouse.
- This is a faster possibility than a keyboard.
- It demonstrates the first example. (Part 1)

1. The mechanical mouse.

- The movement of the mouse is questioned by light barries. (Folie 3)
- As you can see, in the inner of the mechanical mouse there is a movable control ball, that follows the movements of the mouse.
- The part-movement is felt over two skriking surface in the horizontal axis and the vertical axis.
- The disks posses´s light and darkness sectors.
- With the help of two phototransistors per disk, it is possible to determine the revolution direction of the ball.
- Mostly, a small controller, is used. It gets a piece of information from four signals how fast and into which direction the mouse will move.
- The chip is also responsible for the serial transfer of the data.
- Lets leave that there and let´s take another example. (Part 2)

2. The optical mouse

- With a pure optical mouse, the striking surface is left out and is felt the base with two sensors for each direction directly. (Folie 4)
- On the base an itself repetitive pattern is found.
- Now to the movement.
- According to the direction of the movement, the sensors have different types of pulse.
- Sensors of different colour sensitivity are usually used for the horizontal axis and the vertical axis.
- The evaluation and transfer of the signals take place in the same way with the mechanical mouse over a built in microcontroller.
- The advantage of such an optical mouse is that, it is very reliable because of its lacking mechanics
- The disadvantage is that it works only together with a particular base.
- The last point shows the trackball mouse.
- The trackball is essentially nothing else, than a mouse lying on the back.
- The sampling system is the same, as with a mechanical mouse.
- That means the trackball is frequently applied in portable computers.
- To sum up I would like to point out one or two interesting details.
- one of them
- Mechanical mice are very suspectible to dust.
- (That is a big disadvantage)
- the second is
- Optical mice are dust free and need never be cleaned


- At the end , I would like to say my favourite mice are the optical mice.
- They don´t need any care and they are better compared with the mechanical mice.


If you have any Questions, please ask me.

I thank you for your attention.


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Titel: Difference between optical and mechanical mice.