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Socio economic conditions: Floral and faunal diversity in the Lulusar Dutipatsar National Park in Upper Kaghan

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[Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten] Socio Economic Conditions, Floral and Faunal Diversity Of Lulusar Dutipatsar National Park Upper Kaghan


The word “lulu” means long and “sar” means lake so the lulusar means long lake and it is just because lulusar is the longest lake in kaghan valley. The Lulusar Dutipatsar National park is situated in naran valley 350 km away from mansehra , Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan. At an altitude 11,200 ft (3,410 m) and located in between Ghatti Das and Baisel villages.

Naran Valley is situated in Mansehra District of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa province. The elevation of the area is 8,125 feet above sea level. It is linked with Mansehra by famous Kaghan route. On the other side it linked with Karakuram highway by Babusar and Botogah routes. The famous Kunhar River originates from the area. The highest peak of the area is Malka Parbat (5290 m) stands in front of the Saiful- Malook Lake. The prominent lakes of the Naran valley are Saif-ul-Maluk, Lulusar and Dudipat.

In April 2003, the Government of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa declared an area of 75058 acres surrounding the Lulusar and Dutipatsar lakes as National Park. They have started management interventions in the area. It is the first national park which is established in private land. Lulusar Dutipatsar is famous for mountain scenery and beautiful lakes lush green pasture and meadows. Lulusar Dutipatsar national park is situated in district Mansehra. The area around Lulusar Dutipatsar is under huge pressure of over utilization and exploitation of natural resources. Forexample Erosion and pollution had tremendously decreased the serenity and beauty of this area, in addition ill managed tourism activities and overgrazing of livestock has increased day by day. Beside, these Alpine Pastures are habitat of many internationally threatened Wildlife species. To arrest habitat degradation and losing beauty of this natural national asset, kpk Wildlife department declared this lake and its watershed as a National Park. This National Park was declared under section 16 of “kpk Protection, Preservation, Conservation and Management Act 1975”.on 28 / 03 / 2003 through the (notification number SO (Technical)/VIII-Gen/2003 Government of NWFP).

The Lulusar dutipatsar national park and its surrounding mountains are the the source of rich diversity of flora and fauna having much more importance Snow leopard, Brown bear, Himalayan ibex, Marmot are found within the ecosystem of Lulusar Dodipatsar National park as fauna while Snow partridge (larwa larwa), Himalayan Snow cock, eagles are the birds found within the ecosystem of this heaven like area.

There are mainly two types of fish found in the lake (Brown trout, and Rainbow trout). Due to over fishing and various other threats, the rainbow trout is on the verge of extension. People disposed solid waste in the lake, due to which the population of Rainbow trout is decreased similarly people use dynamite in water and electric current causing decrease in trout fish population.

Obj[Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten]ectives

1. To enlist the flora of the park
2. To investigate fauna of the park
3. To suggest some Recommendations for Biodiversity Conservation and Eco Tourism.



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Titel: Socio economic conditions: Floral and faunal diversity in the Lulusar Dutipatsar National Park in Upper Kaghan