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Reincarnation and It's Link to the Akashic Records

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Introduction-Chapter 1

There are many discussions and opinions on the topic of Reincarnation and its link to the Akashic records. First, this paper will examine myths as well as stated proof of reincarnation, as well as the proof of the existence of the Akashic Records or the abilities of people being able to access the Akashic records.

Another goal of the paper is to show individuals as well as some religions including Christianity, that it is possible to find out for themselves that there is such as life after death, and how we as individuals can access information from higher realms. When this information is accessed it allows us to find evidence for ourselves that reincarnation happens to the soul, and that there is life after death.

The paper then analyzes the myths and proofs of such existence of life after death and in the next section will discuss the Akashic records and the fact that they do exist and are accessible to each individual on the planet. This section will also bring together Reincarnation and the Akashic Records, revealing how past lives can be healed so that we may finally reach ascension.

The last section of this paper will share why we must go beyond religion, which limits our understanding. We must understand that when we find truth we find God, by going within ourselves. We can then see how the human mind with all its limitations keep us from the wide and broad Mind of God. When we truly realize we are both physical and spiritual beings with a body that will eventually die and a soul that will live forever because it is a part of God, we can begin to understand the truths of Reincarnation and its link to the Akashic records.

Because of the fact that we are physical and spiritual beings, we have two sets of senses. There are the five senses which connect us to this world; these include taste, touch, smell, hearing and touch. There are other senses which connect us to the spiritual world, including intuition, dreams, visions and our psychic abilities.

We must realize that it is not religion alone that expresses the physical and spirituality, but we ourselves aligning to the God-self. We connect to the Divine or God-self. In reaching this place in the Divine, we allow truth to surface so that we may allow the understanding of Reincarnation and its link to accessing the Akashic Records. Everyone has this ability!

Just as we have various kinds of physical libraries, such as law libraries and medical libraries, there are various ethereal libraries in the Akashic Records. Every person, animal, group, organization, event, and location on Earth has a unique Akashic Record. By divine birthright, we have the ability to access our own personal Akashic Records, as well as the Records of any group of which we are a part.

Every being on the planet can access the areas of the Akashic Records of which their soul plays a part. Alternately, no one can access our personal Akashic Records without our express permission.

The Akashic Records are protected by spiritual beings that are known as Guides, the Keepers, or the Guardians of the Akashic Records. These Spirit Keepers help us access our Akashic Records, and they hold a strong energetic protection for the information contained therein.

Review of Literature-Chapter 2

For the most part, the traditional Christian today does not except concept of reincarnation, although the earlier churches believed that a soul existed before birth. The choice to walk in disbelief has turned so many away from the truth and has limited their opportunities to evolve spiritually.

In the book Yoga, Youth and Reincarnation, Jess Stearn (1965) noted that “in a nation of nearly two hundred million, only a comparative handful believe that we were born before and shall be born again.” (1965-223) Stearn, a New York Times reporter, was skeptical of reincarnation. He reasoned that the Judaic-Christian tradition, which accepted the concept of an afterlife, still discounted reincarnation; therefore there was little evidence of reincarnation.

During a stint in which he practiced yoga under the tutelage of Marcia more, a Radcliff graduate who had been schooled in India, he was presented with many instances of past-life regressions that seemed to point toward reincarnation. Stearn, who sought to retain the role of objective observer, remained unconvinced of reincarnation because of the lack of evidence such as eyewitness accounts by independent, objective witnesses.

Jess Stearn (1965-253) noted that clairvoyant Betty McCain of California, in the fashion of Edgar Cayce of Virginia Beach, “would put herself in a trance and explore and individuals past, present and future using her subconscious mind.” Her thought was that actions or experiences from previous lives influenced and prepared a person for this life.

In his writings, Stearn relayed the experiences of Gorden Myers, an Iowa-born concert singer and composer who was performing in New York. Myers was referred to Betty McClain through a friend. Although Myers was skeptical about reincarnation, he consulted McCain about his marital relationship with his wife, Harriet.

In addition to providing Myers with advice related to his relationship with Harriet, McCain, who knew nothing of him, revealed that Myers was a singer in his current life and also mentioned his private concern for a child from a previous marriage, thus giving him reason to re-consider his skepticism.

When she revealed that in a past life he was incarnated as a minister, Philip Embury, he decided to investigate. His interest was piqued when he discovered that Embury was in fact a Methodist minister and had been a carpenter. As he continued to study Embury, he noticed a physical resemblance to him, received a magazine that included a picture of Embury, along with a card with the stamped signature of Embury, discovered that he had spontaneously sung Embury’s favorite hymn while visiting his grave, and has impressions that he was feeling emotions similar to Embury’s as he held Embury’s Bible.

In his accounting of Myer’s experiences, Stearn, in the role of objective observer, noted that Myer asked a good question when he said, “How can I say (McCain) was wrong about anything…..when she was right about the things I knew about?” (1965-261)

In keeping with McCain’s philosophy that past lives prepare us for future lives, Dr. Herbert B. Puryear , in Reflections on the Path (1980-41), noted that Edgar Cayce believed that “simply to know you have lived and died and were buried beneath the cherry tree in your grandmother’s garden doesn’t make you one whit a better person. But, if you can learn that you have hurt someone and have suffered and have a chance to make that right, then that’s worthwhile”.

Puryear believed that reincarnation is to be approached as a practical and useful concept, rather than a theory to be argued from a philosophical or theological standpoint. He noted that there is strong evidence that indicate that our souls exist prior to their origin in the body. He noted that even to Christians who believe in an afterlife and resurrection of the body, it may not have occurred that the soul might have existed before the body. He noted that “just because we may not have heard of something…does not necessarily indicate that there are no real facts about its existence…” (1980-430)



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Titel: Reincarnation and It's Link to the Akashic Records