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Coca Cola HBC. A Case Study

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Coca Cola HBC is one of the largest manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages in the European continent. The strategy of CCHBC centres on four key A’s credo for maintaining the growing and constant demand of its products in the markets. (Verma and Boyer, 2011)These four A’s are
Availability- CCHBC aims that all its products are easily accessible by the target buyers. On its part, CCHBC aims to provide the right package, the right time and in the right location.
Affordability – CCHBC also aims at offering affordable products to its customers and strive to develop a wide range of highly desirable, useful and high quality products in a right package that appeals to different market and for specific occasions and priced appropriately. (Mahadevan, 2011)
Acceptability- CCBHC aims for complete control, flawless efficiency and reliable customer service and adapting the most feasible route-to-market, along with intensive knowledge of buyer requirements and needs. With such an approach, it is ensured that products launched by CCBHC are acceptable and well liked by customers in different markets.
Activation- CCBHC believes in enhancing customer motivation and choose their products. To achieve this, the company aims to provide the right brand at the right price and in the right location. CCBHC aims to place these products in enticing and interesting point of sale displays and make them available through coolers placed wisely or through racks, vendors, fountains and making these products relevant to the purchasers. These are some of the ways through which CCHBC aims to boost customer demand. (Schroeder, 2003)


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coca cola case study

Titel: Coca Cola HBC. A Case Study
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