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Terrorism. Why it can never be justified

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It was a normal Tuesday morning in September. He had just got up and was eating breakfast when his dad called home. My mother answered the phone, and his dad simply said "turn on the news." Probably somewhat nervous because of her husband's ominous tone, his mother turned on the television. As she stood there shocked, he made his way into the living room. He could see the burning image on the screen, and knew something horrible had happened, but he couldn't get his mother to tell me what had happened. Instead of continuing to watch the confusing events playing out on the television he decided he should probably go work on his math. He got some paper out and wrote his name, then the date: September 11th, 2001. Strange that at the time he didn't know that this date would be the reason that he would resolve to join the army. Who would have thought that something he didn't even fully understand would completely change the course of his life? There are many stories like this that other people have, and it serves to show that terrorism affects everyone in a negative way. Because of events like 9/11 it is made clear that no act of terrorism by anyone for any cause can ever be justified as these attacks cause many problems like mental illnesses in survivors, it causes governments to disrespect the rights of their citizens, and it does not promote change.


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Titel: Terrorism. Why it can never be justified
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