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International Search Engine Marketing with YouTube Videos

Changes in competitive conditions with video ads

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Hardly any online advertising effort becomes as important for entrepreneurship accomplishments as Search Engine Marketing. That’s surprising marginally, because Search Engines are the single point of contact for customer investigation and information. On that score SEM is one of the most important tools to generate specifically leads. By the side of all online marketing measures, for example keyword advertising, SEO or SEA, the international SEM with YouTube videos is first and foremost the fastest-growing and by far promising opportunity, to establish qualified leads.

In addition country-specific advertising messages are completed with corresponding keywords and well-placed with YouTube videos in local Search Engines, to achieve qualified groups of customers, who are in search of new products or services. Marketing specialists analyze and advance the achieved results simultaneously and adjust their marketing strategies immediately. As a consequence there is a better cost planning, target groups are scaled more precisely and the cost-benefit ratio is a sight better for both B2B and B2C.

The obvious questions are: what business motivations give evidence of a fruitful cooperation at the hands of international SEM and YouTube videos? Which contents and keywords convert YouTube videos into a guarantee for success and which are critically for a profitable SEM? And after all, which customer is searching where, for what and why? These and further questions will be examined and clarified over the course of the next following sites.


Contents at a Glance





Contents at a Glance

Explanation of abbreviations

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1. General basics
1.1 When in Rome, do as the Romans do!
1.2 Video contents and keywords
1.3 Landing pages

2. Customers, visitors, analysis and specifications
2.1 Dialogue with customers
2.2 Users and visitors on YouTube channels
2.3 Video specifications
2.4 Measurement, analysis and improvement
2.5 User statistics and the link to ROI and CPC

3. Google, video ads and mobile appliances
3.1 Prosperous with proper video contents
3.2 Speed is no sorcery

4. Conclusion



Online resources

Explanation of abbreviations

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List of figures

Figure 1-0: International Search Engine Marketing with YouTube videos

Figure 1-1: Videos are catchy

Figure 1-2: Country-specific Search Engines

Figure 1-3: Functional design of a landing page

Figure 2-1: Increasing Online-Advertising Market

Figure 2-2: Increasing Online-Video-Advertising

Figure 2-3: Internet capable appliances

Figure 2-4: Country-specific color transmission systems

Figure 2-5: Website traffic

Figure 2-6: Tools for statistics and analyzing the traffic

Figure 2-7: Relevant videos for visitors and customers

Figure 3-1: QR-code bound in YouTube video ads

Figure 3-2: Search Engines

Figure 3-3: Precisely on the spot of online customer with SEM and YouTube videos

All figures are taken from the video-presentation “International Search Engine Marketing with YouTube videos”[1] by Frank Wilkens. All rights reserved by CDE® in 2012.

List of attachments

A: Sample of current online video formats

B: Mobile OS for Smartphone


Search Engine Marketing includes all measures, to put business websites on top ranking places to achieve traffic, qualified leads and visitors. SEM is subdivided in several areas of sales and network marketing. Firstly the Search Engine advertising; that’s a description for the field of paid ads within Search Engine results. In the framework of SEA, ads of sponsored links and the so called paid listings are simultaneously inserted in search results, which emerge on basis of an investigativ created keyword advertising. For another thing the Search Engine optimization; this tries to influence positively the results of Search Engines with optimal text structures, keywords and back links. The SEO found its start due to published reports in 1997, long way before Google or Yahoo appeared on the scene. In those days AltaVista and others provided Search Engine results at a smart pace. Finally there’s the Social Media optimization; SMO serves the Web 2.0 optimization of websites, to relieve sharing of contents and customer links. Primary goal of SEM is the improvement of visibility within the result lists of Search Engines. It is distinguishes between the organic search results that can be influenced by SEO and the bought advertising fade-ins that represents the actual share of SEM. The measures of SEM make sure that an ad appears on one of the top brass places within Search Engine results. On this occasion organic Search Engine results are not in competition to advertising fade-ins. Both are based on a specific ranking that contains a certain evaluation within Search Engine algorithms. Hence keyword advertising concepts are needed, to advertise the ad fade-ins, i.e. the responsible staffs have to buy a position on first sites of Search Engine results for certain search keywords. Keywords draw user or costumer to business sites, on which they can search for special units or offer. The correct combination of relevant SEM strategies and appropriate knowing, whereof a user thought by entering keywords in Search Engines, makes the company come off as a winner. Thus consumer easily will find the site and search actively for offers and services, because they are interested and want to know more about the brand. Beside direct application of products, SEM also gains increasingly importance in public relation, corporate branding und customer-focused online videos. Therefore the questions are: how do video contents enable the increase of website traffic and as a result the rise of profit, which steps are necessary to get a fair number of delighted users with respect to the advertising message and in what way international SEM is able to generate satisfied leads with YouTube videos?

1. General basics

1.1 When in Rome, do as the Romans do!

International SEM with YouTube videos is the newest part in online marketing strategies. A very good ranking in Search Engines, low costs and high increase of market shares are mainly reasons. Search Engines[2] and equally the search request in customary Search Engines are as different as the countries themselves. Each country contains in the benefit on several occasions own peculiarities of consumer search requests, keywords and Search Engines[3]. Even the most of the worldwide searches are not enquiries in English language. Therefore SEM should be themed and oriented internationally for these markets. The marketing specialists first have to analyze the differences of the respective culture, their domains, URLs, links, policy, business development and customer behavior. As a matter of course, the oddities of located countries should be known for market research as well. In other countries, such as Sweden, the business websites, respectively videos only will be located, if they include highest international contents and also an affinity for the needs, expectations and Social Networks[4] of the relevant country[5]. Classic example: for Russians different Search Engines and equally needs are more crucial than for Germans[6]. Because of that an exact analysis takes place, before marketing specialists start with the target-oriented SEM. If they ignore these facts, they will fail with particularly designed commercials or online marketing strategies within the varying international countries. On a related note it doesn't surprise that non-specific information or commercials, geared to products or brands in Social Networks[7], blogs or communities, mostly get lost in the shuffle, if they were not designed for the relevant country. That’s why vehicle manufacturer change name and equipping of their models, to sell them in foreign countries. In that way businesses are conscious that these circumstances are crucial and continue their Search Engine marketing intensively in areas like communication and information, because the attempt of influence the consumer behavior increasingly is market-determined due to catch attention and afford interactions with the customers.[8]

Therefore videos, which are prepared with easily understandable content and information about products, businesses or country specific additions, are much more suitable than any other online marketing strategy.[9] Customer and visitor eye catchers of international Search Engines are particularly important for SEM[10]. So what’s the principal magnet? The integration of SEA relevant search items like paid inclusion, paid submission, trusted feed or sponsored links?[11] Scarcely – visitors and customers are rather less enamored of paid listings, because those contents don’t inspire them to linger longer-term. Or is it the SEO relevant logarithm[12], changed in the last few years with Panda-updates, universal search, domain and link popularity, which covering approximately more than two hundred criteria for ranking query results in Search Engines?[13] Definitely and by the way: only thirty percent of customers view the first, respectively the second site of Search Engine results and more than fifty percent inspect on primary site merely the first five results of ranking. Having subsidiary keywords[14] in the headline is accordingly from bad to worse, because an entire headline, consisting of a HTML title tag and accommodating with the query, makes more sense for websites of international businesses, which only contains universal substances. For getting best Search Engine results and plenty visitors, common descriptions of the theme should be put into HTML title, but no other phrases or information.[15] Certainly customer interests are not only committed on the results – their first look will be targeted any day of the week at videos. Any internet user watches nearly eight videos a day, statistically about fifty minutes and that’s why publicity and click rate of selected videos grow up continuously. Customers moreover prefer watching compared to reading, so it’s not an astonish fact that video ads are much more catchy for visitors than anything (fig.1-1).

Figure 1-1: Videos are catchy

illustration not visible in this excerpt

1.2 Video contents and keywords

The best international corresponding videos prepare easily understandable contents about country-specific additions. In order to be positive that the determined content is beneficial chosen, to promote the advertising massage successful and also gainful throughout the country, marketing specialists should be aware of culture, customs, traditions, languages, synonyms and also have a hunch for the particular humor of relevant citizen. It’s barely promotional, respectively possible, to launch products in Mid East, if the video ad contains seminude or nude females. The situation equally will be bad for vehicle models, whose name bears in target countries a completely different meaning. In Italy for example, a VW model named Vento means in Italian trump. In Spain things go badly for Mitsubishi Motors. The company misnamed a vehicle Pajero, what will be associated by the Spanish customers with a masturbatory man. Therefore a good inquiry by marketing specialists is very important, particularly for SEA (fig.1-2).


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Titel: International Search Engine Marketing with YouTube Videos