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Is defending the food security provide a magic pill?

A perspective of the not so good things

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Is defending the food security provide a magic pill: A perspective of the not so good things

Pushan Kumar Dutta

What is food … Without mingling in the scratching of politics lets us think a bit simpler.”Food is something we love to defend”. So why do we defend? We defend to protect something dear to us , something our own. We protect our houses, our position, our faiths, belief as it stands in line of our honor. This passion to protect is unknown and undecipherable.

When something crosses our line of defense we rebel. For instance, the first sign of rebellion I showed for and with food was way back in childhood when I stood hungry the entire day as I was not given my favorite ice cream. Even staying hungry, I believed that what I defended was right to me.

Things change, people subject themselves to the real world to find what is good for them what will make them survive. But what stays similar within the realms of a good human and a good animal is that he knows how to do the worst and the best of feats for food. Food is something that makes us survive. Food for thought, a fire to ignite and water that drench the souls are and were the three elements that made a human being what he is and will always be the same controller. A man in power controls his own thoughts and a man who controls a collective opinion is a bigger power of authority. For some, food defines religion and for some religion defines the food .If we forsake these themes the genuine instinct of a human to surrender to a greater power is ultimately going to happen. Let us look at the bond between food and power that looms large on us now. Get the people passionate about something ‘spicy’, ’icy’ or just a ‘y’ and people do not get bothered not by what they feel but what they see. A celebrity big brother makes headlines while the deteriorating conditions of the adivasis in the heartland of the country are restricted. Its all for food that we defend. If anyone feels a problem with the context of what I feel to defend ,feel free to argue ,to charge of what I say.

But please do not offend your line of judgment, your true religion to defend.



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Titel: Is defending the  food security provide a magic pill?