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The Significance of the Idea of the American Dream linked with Issues of Poverty and Inequality

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When I think of the term American Dream it is directly connected with associations as freedom, chances and success. Hollywood productions like "The Great Gatsby" or "The Pursuit of Happiness", in which people have made it from rags to riches, come into my mind. But by taking a deeper look into that topic it becomes clear that the American Dream is much more like just that. I also think of very egocentric concepts of life which are depicted in these stories and which have nothing to do with a respectful, empathetic and tolerant community.

The questions rise what it actually is, what we are ‘dreaming’ of – is it just about prosperity or do we really pursue happiness regardless to money? And: Am I interested in the development of the community? What has it to do with my personal (American) Dream? When it comes to the American Dream concepts of gender, class, race and ethnicity can and have to be taken into consideration especially when we link the photograph “Bread Line during the Louisville Flood, Kentucky” from 1937 by Margaret Bourke- White with that topic what will be done in this essay.

Before the critical executions in this essay relate to this photograph it displays the meaning of the term American Dream and its connection to inequality and poverty in general.


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Titel: The Significance of the Idea of the American Dream linked with Issues of Poverty and Inequality
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