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Marketing Plan for Australian Catholic University (ACU) 2018. Improvement of ACU’s branding and enrollment

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Market and Demand Assessment

Segmentation and Target Market Analysis

Competitor Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Value & Brand Positioning Analyses

Marketing Aim and Promotional Objectives For 2018

Marketing Mix Strategies

Competitive Strategies

Media and Budget Allocation For 2018

Expected Outcomes and Conclusion


Executive Summary

This report presents a marketing plan for Australian Catholic University (ACU)—an international university founded in 1991 that currently has a student population of 25687. The 2018 marketing plan is derived from a previous analysis of the marketing and competitive environment of the institution. This marketing plan serves as a guide for the institution’s marketing team and the University entirely as it strives to build brand awareness, boost stakeholder en­gagement as well as augment student enrollment and academic portfolio.

This marketing plan serves as a roadmap with key objectives and strategies that ACU can use implement to market itself successfully. The main areas of focus in this document are: institutional background, market summary and demand analysis, demography analysis, PEST analysis, competitor analysis, marketing promotion analysis, SWOT analysis, value & brand positioning analyses, proposed marketing aim and promotional objectives, marketing mix strategies, competitive strategies, media and budget and anticipated outcomes.

Implementation of this marketing plan will help build institutional culture and pride by fostering engagement among all members of the institution: students, alumni, staff, donors, faculty and external partners. This would improve ACU’s branding and enrollment. Nonetheless, much work remains to be done as the marketplace evolves and the University’s internal objectives are generated or realigned.


Founded in 1991, Australian Catholic University is an international university that currently accommodates 25678 students. ACU is ‘committed to pursue knowledge, the dignity of human person and the common good of all’. The institution is funded by the government of Australia and enrols students from varying religious backgrounds (Australian catholic university report, 2017). With seven campuses across the country, the university offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business and law, theology and philosophy, education arts and health sciences. Presently, their marketing objective is to serve all human being concerns within 2000 years of the catholic tradition. Students acquire knowledge regarding the community and changes within the society.


The Australian Catholic University, within the catholic intellectual institution and acting based on the values of truth and love, has made a commitment to the pursuit of knowledge, the dignity of the human being and the unifying good.


ACU employs the catholic intellectual tradition to create a distinct perspective to higher education.

ACU explores social, cultural, religious and ethical issues within the perspective of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition in its research, teaching and service. Through the advancement and strengthening of knowledge in health, education, commerce, science and technology, humanities, law as well as the creative arts, the institution contributes to the local and global communities.

By fostering and advancing knowledge in education, health, commerce, the humanities, the sciences and technologies, law, and the creative arts, ACU contributes to its local, national and international communities.

The overarching aim of each of these tactics is to produce competent graduates who possess a highly critical mind, ethical behaviour, commitment to service and admiration of sacred aspects of life.

Market and Demand Assessment

As universities face the need to attract a growing and diverse student base, winning marketing has become gradually more important for the institutions. Universities must now strive more to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Successful marketing can grow fundraising potential and increase enrollment among other outcomes.

An investigation into the current trends and figures of the higher education industry in Australia in 2016 &2017 identified the following key trends:

- The number of students has been rising steadily over the years.

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Source (Austrade—the Australian Trade &Investment Commission)

- China and India are the leading sources of international students studying in Australia.

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Source (Austrade—the Australian Trade &Investment Commission)

- There’s a steady increase in enrolment by students to Australian universities. This number is expected to increase in the next years.

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Source (Austrade—the Australian Trade &Investment Commission)

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Source (Austrade—the Australian Trade &Investment Commission)

- In May 2016, estimates showed that of the 15.7 million people aged 15 to 64 years in Australia, over 3 million were enrolled in formal study. Nearly 75% people aged 15 to 64 (2.2 million people) are enrolled in formal study with approximately 1.3 million (43%) attending a higher education institution (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2017)
- Due to the increasing demand for online learning, intuitive websites are among the most crucial social marketing tools serving as brand statements for institutions. These websites often include easily navigable content, visuals and action buttons that persuade students to apply or take online lessons. (Hanover Research, 2014).

ACU is amongst the fastest growing Australian universities with seven campuses located across Brisbane, Ballarat, North Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne and Strathfield. The university exhibits very high demand for business, media, art and design, environmental science, theology, psychology and philosophy courses (Australian Catholic University Report, 2017)the institution has build global connections with over 190 educational institutions and universities across the world.

Segmentation and Target Market Analysis

Segmentation is the process of subdividing a market into customer groups with identical needs in order to select a segment of focus in line with marketing strategy (Gronroos, 2014).

A target market refers to a customer group from a segment who an institution selects to offer its products in order to meet its marketing goals (Gronroos, 2014).

Demographic Variable

This is segmentation based on identifiable and measurable physical characteristics of a population.

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Psychographic Variable

This is segmentation based on the way an organization understands the customer i.e. lifestyle analysis.

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Behavioural Variable

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PEST Analysis

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Titel: Marketing Plan for Australian Catholic University (ACU) 2018. Improvement of ACU’s branding and enrollment