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3D Printing Real Project for the Automotive Industry. Reflective Journal

Projektarbeit 2016 27 Seiten


Table of Contents

1 Introduction

2 Reflective Diary
2.1 Kick Off Meeting
2.2 Working Period I
2.3 The Russians visit the Germans
2.4 Working Period II
2.5 The Germans visit the Russians

3 Analysis of the reflective diary
3.1 Leadership: Lead it or leave it
3.2 International Projects: The challenge of leading at a distance
3.3 Project curve: Be aware of ups and downs

4 Suggestions for improvement
4.1 Create a clear process
4.2 Grade what you want to be great

5 Résumé

6 Bibliography

List of abbreviations

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List of figures

Figure 1: Illustration DIEP Strategy

Figure 2: E-Mail documentation

Figure 3: E-Mail documentation

Figure 4: E-Mail documentation

Figure 5: WhatsApp documentation

Figure 6: WhatsApp documentation

Figure 7: E-Mail documentation

Figure 8: Picture “The Great SPbPU Meeting Room”

Figure 9: Illustration Factors for the Success of Virtual Teams

Figure 10: W Curve explained by Gullahorn and Gullahorn (1936)

Figure 11: W Curve explained our project process (own illustration)

Figure 12: Influence in Perspective (Appinions 2014)

Figure 13: Top Influenecers 3D Industry (Appinions 2014)

Figure 14: 3D Industry Most Important Companies (Appinions 2014)

Figure 15: SCE Entrepreneurial Journey (Brehm 2016)

1 Introduction

The subject of this course (M4.4 Business Entrepreneurs and Change Management) was an international project in exchange with the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU), with regards to the topic “3D Printing Real Project for the Automotive Industry”. Therefore we had to conceptualize, prototype and create a solution in the 3D Printing domain. We were formed into 4 different groups, each consisting of 3 to 4 Hochschule München (HM) Business Administration Master (MBA) Students, one HM Bachelor Engineer, 3 to 4 SPbPU MBA Students and 2 to 3 SPbPU Bachelor Engineers. During our course we had the responsibility of building a business idea, including a prototype, for a problem we found in the automotive industry and which we can solve through a 3D printed product. Therefore we were given three fixed milestone dates. A virtual kick off meeting in March for bringing the Russian and German groups together and fixing organizational stuff and two real life 2-day trips, where first the Russian participants visited the Germans at the end of May to work together and put together an interim presentation. Later the Germans visited the Russians at the End of June for working again together and perform the final presentation.

In this seminar paper I reflect the experiences and feelings I had during this project in the way of a “reflective journal”, rather than a “reflective diary”. Unlikely the classical reflective diary definition, which explains a diary as a book in which you write down your personal experiences and thoughts each day (Merriam-Webster, 2016), my reflective journal includes an analysis of my personal experiences and thoughts and a recommendation for future learning. For my reflective journal I follow the DIEP strategy, which helps me writing an academic reflection in four steps. The four steps in this approach are to describe an insight, to interpret and evaluate it, and to plan how it might transfer to future practice or learning (Boud et al. 1985: 2).

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Figure 1: Illustration DIEP Strategy

The paper is organized as follows. Section 2 contains a brief reflecting diary to D-Describe and I-Interpret what I experienced, discovered, recognized and felt during our project. Section 3 analyzes my reflecting diary according to my E-Evaluation. The fourth section focuses on P-Plan suggestions for improvement.

2 Reflective Diary

2.1 Kick Off Meeting

March 15, 2016

Today was useful as we were informed of how we will be graded for this course. Our Professor Sudnik informed us that we will have to file in a paper. He thought about a paper that shows our progress in change during our project. Therefore he expect us to write a diary which reflects our process and the learning we got from this process. I am fine with the idea of writing a diary for learning and reflecting, the only thing I am wondering is how we get this together with our lessons for this course and the project work we will have to do. Up to now I have been preparing one to two cases for every lesson and I try hard to follow the professor’s script about change management. Up to this point I am not clear how the lessons will help us to get a real project done, also I am wondering if a project is the best example for change, because I think a project is more about progress rather than change. I hope the link between the lesson and the project will become clearer for me in the near future.

March 22, 2016

Today it was really important that I joined class as we fixed a lot of organizational issues for our international project with SPbPU. We met at 10am in the Strascheg center for entrepreneurship (SCE). An employee I have not seen before welcomed us and informed us that she will guide us through this kick off meeting as our for the project responsible professors, professor Sudnik and professor Günzel are not available today. Some of my student colleagues went angry on the fact that they were not informed in advance about the professor’s absence. The girl brought us to a meeting room which was way too small for all of us, I watched my clock and noticed that we wear already late as we supposed to have a Skype call at exactly 10am with the Russian group. Nevertheless the girl first introduced herself (her name is Ebru), and then introduced the SCE Center and told us what the project is all about. She told us that the SCE expect two main things from us. First we should focus on research and observation. We should go out to interview potential customers to identify potential problems. Second, which she called the “Entrepreneurial Part”, we should think about how to solve the problem we found with an idea and finally how to bring this idea to the market. So far nothing new for me, this is the standard SCE Process I went through last year when I was member of a team in the SCE start up league. This fact made me confident that I can accrue the requirements for this course and do a good project. Again some of my student colleagues were frustrated about the fact that also the SCE and someone they haven’t seen before expect something from us. Ebru then asked us what the current status of the project is, at that point some of us students did not even want to answer her. One colleague then told her that they had two annoying Skype calls in their summer holidays where some participated and some not, but beside that nothing happened. The ones which participated in this calls during the summer holidays became frustrated that the ones who didn´t can now participate in the project groups as well, they mentioned that this is clearly unfair. On the one hand I can understand that they spend some extra time which they wanted to get honored for, on the other hand there was no output of this calls so I think they overstated their efforts up to now. I did not say something as I wanted to become part of one group. Ebru just ignored this frustration and split the former two groups into three groups, two with the topic interior design and one with the topic devices. I was happy to become part of the interior design group with Luisa, Lisa, Luka and Christian. I don´t know them yet but I am confident that we can do a good project. I already had some ideas about 3D printed car accessories and I told Luisa and Lisa right away that I am able to build a prototype of an accessories in the CAD Softarwe Maxfile and that we can even print it in a 3D printing shop in Munich as I already did for my former job. The feedback I got was not that enthusiastic. The girls told me I should keep my food still, and wait to see what comes from the Russian and the two boys in our Munich team who didn´t show up. Then I thought, they were right and I should not put myself too much in the front line as I don`t know how much I will be able to do after my baby is born. With one hour delay the Skype call started and our Russian project partner presented themselves as very professional. They already built three groups and each group showed us a presentation of their ideas. During that Skype call we found out that their topic seems to be slightly different than ours and that they get graded different. There was a short break where again my team criticized the organization of this project. They asked me when I am supposed to give birth to my child, after I told them that the date of birth is in less than 4 weeks, they stared at me quite shocked. I think they were unhappy now to have me in their team because they think I will not do anything for the project because of my baby. I will ignore that, they don`t know me, I did my bachelor degree when I was pregnant and graduated as the top of my class, so I am confident I will do my part and also finish this course successfully without being a burden for my team. Meanwhile the Russians made up their mind about the group formats and informed us about their preferences via Skype chat. We accepted their grouping and finished the meeting. Our German part of the group agreed on idea finding for this week and handing them in until the 27th of March.

2.2 Working Period I

March 31, 2016

The due date for the ideas passed by. Neither me nor anybody else handed in some ideas, instead of that we blamed the Russians for not getting a communication channel opened. They said they don`t use Facebook or Whatsapp, I think they just don`t like the way we communicate with them. This very direct and sometimes a rude, typically German way with which we send them messages and mail, I don`t feel confident with that but haven´t said anything yet. Still I try to stay in the background, I don´t want to be the project leader of this project as I don´t know how much I can work for this project. My date of birth is on the 14th of April and I decided that I will do everything I can before my daughter will be borne and after her birth I will see if I really can participate and finish this project. I am wondering whether this kind of communication will escalate once the Russians are here in Germany. I hope not and therefore I sent today a mail to my German project colleague with a draw how I would answer them and fix the next project steps in a Gantt chart plan and activity control file. I hope Luisa, Lisa, Luka and Christian like this idea and agree on my proposed tasks and sending that mail to the Russians.

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Figure 2: E-Mail documentation

April 9, 2016

No answer to my mail from anybody, no news from the Russians. The whole week I only saw Luisa and Lisa and they told me that they neither wanted to be the project leader or invest any extra time and efforts. They also explained to me that they have joined the calls during their summer holidays and invested a lot in the former semester, now they are not in the mood, they just don´t care whether there is a good or any outcome of this project. I can understand them but I am a little bit nervous that we will all fail this course. The heck with it, they know better and if they don´t worry about passing this course I shouldn’t either. Therefore I decided just to follow the crowd and do the minimum I get asked for. The minimum is still some ideas from everybody, which I haven´t seen from anyone yet. So I made the start and sent my ideas via mail to my German colleagues. On Thursday we are supposed to have a Skype call with our Russian project partner I am wondering whether I can join the class or I will be already in hospital.

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Figure 3: E-Mail documentation

April 12, 2016

Today we had class in the SCE with Prof. Dr. Klaus Sailer. He wanted to fix some project issues and the timetable for the Russian visit from the 28.4.2016 to the 30.4.2016. The problem that the German engineers can not join the course for this project and in our case also not on any other appointment he tried to solve in a rather gentle way I think. He proposed us some solutions like meeting every two weeks in the SCE instead of at the campus in Pasing or meeting once in the evening and once during the day. Our group reacted with silence as some of us don´t want to commit themselves for evening meetings. I am also not sure if I could arrange frequently meetings in the evening, furthermore I don`t think this would solve our problem of not getting anything done. Our engineer is working fulltime and doesn´t seems to be interested in this project at all, so an agreement for our group seems to be impossible. Professor Sailer informed us about the timetable of the Russians. We told him that this timetable is conflicting with our regular master program. At this point he stayed really strict and asked us to friendly request our other professors cancel their lessons during that week. At the end the professor asked every group to present their results so far shortly and share their experience and learning they gained so far. Today was the first time that I realized that it seems to be that we are the only group who hasn´t done anything so far. The others at least presented their ways of communication and their ideas they wanted to focus once their Russian partners are in Munich. Maybe they just made something up, I don’t know. I was so glad that for our group Luisa presented the status, she was really good in selling nothing as at least something, like we haven´t started jet but will start once the Russians are in Munich. The meeting was over after one hour.

April 19, 2016

I don´t know how but somehow I made it to join my class today. I was 30 minutes late, because I forgot that we agreed to start on 9:30 not 10:00 am. My student colleagues seemed to be quite shocked to see me in such good conditions 5 days after my daughter was born. For me it was important to show up today for several reasons. First I wanted to prove them that they can rely on me and second I thought it is better for myself to start with a regular routine as soon as possible. My professor also asked me weather I am able to join the activities we have planned with the Russians and I promised him I will. For our project I did not miss anything, I asked my group colleagues Lisa and Luisa whether there are any news from the Russians or some open task but they just told me that we will start working on the project as soon as the Russians arrive in Munich.



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Titel: 3D Printing Real Project for the Automotive Industry. Reflective Journal