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A Complete Strategic Business Analysis of British Petroleum (BP)

Einsendeaufgabe 2017 20 Seiten


British Petroleum (BP) PLC is recognized as a biggest and leading petroleum company in the world whose headquarter is in London, United Kingdom. BP has operations in about 72 nations of the world, which generates approximately or equivalent to 3.3 million barrels of oil every day and operates almost 22,400 fuel service stations in the world. The revenues show that it is the third largest company in energy production and listed as the 5th world’s largest company and is the 6th super dominant producer of oil and gas. This study analyses the external environment and the internal environment in which BP operates using significant strategic administration tools such as Porter’s Five Forces. Based on this Analysis, the Core Competencies and Distinctive Capabilities of BP can be measured. The Business Level Strategies, Corporate and International Strategic prospects of BP are interpreted and appraised for their Suitability, Acceptability, and Probability.



Titel: A Complete Strategic Business Analysis of British Petroleum (BP)