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How does the male protagonist in the movie "Drive" differ from typical film noir male protagonists?

Seminararbeit 2017 16 Seiten

Amerikanistik - Sonstiges


Masculinity in the movie "Drive" is not illustrated according to the genre conventions and may signify a shift of the genre's stereotypical manliness towards a more family oriented and in general softer male. In this term paper, film noir as a mode in the 1940s, specifically the role of the male protagonist, will be examined and applied to the movie "Drive". First of all, it is important to provide a theoretical foundation. Therefore, the main elements that mark a film noir as such and its historical background will be briefly portrayed. Afterwards it will be discussed in how far the movie can be seen as a product of film noir or not, where the possibility of it being a Neo-noir is taken in to consideration. This is obligatory information for the following chapters hence they observe the protagonist of the movie, with respect to his correspondence with the characteristic hard-boiled male in film noir. Concluding, the analysis of the protagonist´s character in comparison to the typical hard-boiled male is going to be evaluated and it will be pointed out what effect it has on masculinity.

The following chapter will provide the main characteristics of film noir. Even if it is difficult to identify a film noir as such, there are certain elements to be portrayed, which can be classified as typically noir. The main object of enquiry in this paper will be the character of the masculine protagonist. Nevertheless it is important to also get an overview of the other characters except the male antihero, as they are in constant interaction with him. On top of that the chapter will illustrate common themes and narrative as well as cinematic strategies of film noir. This theoretical introduction will serve as basis for the analysis of the protagonist´s character and is essential as it will be examined in how far the protagonist of the movie "Drive" differs from the characteristic film noir male protagonist.


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Titel: How does the male protagonist in the movie "Drive" differ from typical film noir male protagonists?