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Science and Technology

Executive summary

The planet earth is growing less and less accommodative with every year that passes. The reason being, we as the human being do not care about taking care of the Mother Nature and it is striking back. Global warming, rising sea levels catastrophic coast flooding are some of the ways the planet is biting back. No person alive is immune to the effects of climate change. As to this reason every person ought to be accountable to the survival of the planet.

We never seem to get enough from science and technology that is after it has provided us with nice cars to minimize walking distance and a lot of other invention that science has provided. Similarly, because of science and technology life is bearable however the same technology destroys the environment. It is a time the people introduces other ways that will not change our lifestyle but ways that will improve it. This project will demonstrate a minor way in which we can be accountable and at the same time not limiting our lives to ensure that the human and animal species in the planet can survive. Additionally, the project will drive to deem or minimize the amount of excess carbon dioxide released by motor vehicle into the environment. Basically, the project will try to mime the plant's process of photosynthesis whereby it absorbs carbon dioxide from the environment and uses it to make its own food in the process giving out by products of oxygen and water.

Problem Description

Science and technology have rapidly transformed the world over the last 100 years, humanity has learned to travel across the globe, learned to communicate and the human life expectancy has doubled (National Science and Technology Council 2008). People are surrounded by all kinds of instrument and tools that make life easier and in like manner equipment of entertainment, for, instance, computers, cars, electric lights and so on. All of these incredible scientific inventions were incomprehensible 200 years ago (Electronic Components & Technology Conference 2012). It is easier to think that technology creates problems and makes things complicated, for example, dangerous weapons; as a matter of fact, scientific inventions have solved a lot of human-related problems and will perpetually continue solving these problems. However, science and technology is yet to solve a major problem, the climate change. Increased temperatures, high intense rainfall, diversification loss and the rising sea levels, the people or the humanity everywhere in the continent can feel the effect of climate change.

Over the past century, humanity has changed the balance of the planet by living beyond its means (Environment and Development--Latin America 1989). Humanity has burnt a huge quantity of fossil fuels, for example, coal, gas, and oil. Also, humanity has cut down trees and cleared vast forest spaces that may naturally consume large amounts of carbon dioxide from the air. Scientist support that the global average temperatures have risen by the end of the 19th century by 2.0 degrees Celsius, a temperature rise that is believed to have been promoted by human-made emission into the atmosphere and carbon dioxide. The global sea level has risen twice the last centuries in the last 20 years (Mondal, M. S., Saiful, 2013). On a similar note, the aquatic life is also threatened because of the increase of the acid levels in the sea water. This increase is perpetuated by the human releasing more carbon dioxide than usual therefore being absorbed by the surface of the oceans. According to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Greenland, as well as Antarctic lands, have lost 250 cubic kilometers of ice from the year 2002 to 2006. The result of shrinking ice in the polar land threatens the rise of the sea level which in return can cause catastrophic flooding like coast flooding (Long, D. 2004). In China, the level of rainfall has threatened to decrease. This decrease in temperature tends to threaten the habitat of different animal spices like the giant panda and their food source.

As much as the world leaders, different governments, and numerous organizations advocate and invest in policies that control the release of carbon dioxide, it is also important that they focus on the full control in the realizing of carbon dioxide. There is a need for these institutions to see technology as the cause of global warming as well as the cure. A recent innovation in the tech world proved that human does not need fuel to drive their cars rather they only need the sun (electric car). This is an example of scientific technology cutting down the release of carbon monoxide in the environment. Just imagine if all the people in the world were using the electric car, the carbon emission as a result of fossil fuels globally would drop down from 87% to 50% (Akiyama, T., Inokuchi, 2012).

The humanity depends on industrialization to better the economy and life survival purposes, as a result, there is need to be industrialized and create as many industries as possible equally creating industries that will make humanity sustainable or better the future of humanity.

A proposed idea towards reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air rather than planting trees is the creation of industries that see and utilizes carbon dioxide for the useful purpose be it economical and non-economical. Science has proved that carbon dioxide rather than going into waste can be used in different ways, for instance, carbon dioxide is used in refrigeration, cooling medium or fire extinguishers and so on.

Impact Statement

Being that there are four major greenhouse gases (water vapor, Nitrous oxide, Carbon dioxide and Methane) that contribute to global warming my invention or scientific idea will only run with one, carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is important to the survival of plants even though, a lot or excess of carbon dioxide in the air can lead to human death or threaten the human survival. The proposed scientific idea will tend to reduce the amount excess carbon dioxide in the air or bring the balance of carbon dioxide within the environment. Notably, carbon dioxide accounts for 85% of all greenhouse gas realized and usually produced when petroleum, natural gas as well as coal are being used (Jakab, C. 2011). These fuels are used in large amounts in the transportation industry, electric generation and so on. The idea is trying to mimic or copy photosynthesis. According to scholars, photosynthesis is the procedure in which green plants and other organism create or make food in the presence of carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water, as a result providing useful oxygen as a byproduct.

The United Nation (UN) in the year 2009 through the former UN secretary General Mr. Kofi Annan proved that 300,000 deaths a year were as a result of climatic change. Further, it is proven that floods, forest fire, and heat waves will have claimed 500,000 lives by the year 2030 making climate change the greatest humanitarian threat. This means that no person in the world is immune to the consequences or effects of global warming (Climate change 2014).

In the past years, climate change issues have been the focal point of major world political gatherings. Similarly, political leaders have talked enough about climate change and actions are yet to be seen. For instance, ‘The United Kingdom’s climate change bill’ this climate change bill sets a system for the United Kingdom policies of the climate trends particularly the carbon dioxide gas emission (Schnellnhuber, H. J., Cramer 2006). Furthermore, the UK government has agreed to cut down excess emission of carbon dioxide by 60% by the year 2050. This was a past commitment that the government now looks to make it legally mandatory. The government is looking forward to comprising the legal committee of industry experts in technology, science, and energy. The purpose of the bill is to enable the future government to instrument tough emission administration.

In order to minimize the effects that may lead to global warming humanity will forgo a lot and make even more choices (Walker, B. H., Graetz 1989). For example, diminish or minimize the use of fossil fuels, do an infrastructure upgrade to minimize greenhouse gases released, human ought to stop cutting down trees and so on. Some of these choices have significant effect to human life, for instance, diminishing the use of fossil fuels. People depend on their car, airplane, and trains to travel to and out of work every day. This choice is sensitive as it would cause a significant damage to the economy of the people, who sell the fuels, those employees in the mines and even the people in the transportation industries.

Action Plan

The idea's action plan is to minimize or regulate the amount of carbon dioxide released into the environment by creating an electric gadget that utilizes solar energy or solar cells to split carbon dioxide to oxygen and carbon monoxide rich in energy. The conversion will not in the first prove to fight competition created by the fossil fuel but there is hopes it will create a small effect for the better of the future of creating liquid fuels. The green effect starts with the breaking down of carbon dioxide in two that is oxygen and carbon monoxide. The carbon monoxide produced can be later used to formulating of hydrocarbon fuels by adding four atoms belonging to hydrogen, for instance, methanol. It has also been proven that ethanol can power cars.

The gadget will be made entirely from copper as well as tin oxide. Also it will utilize electric currents from the sun to separate the atoms of water and carbon dioxide resulting to the creation of carbon monoxide and oxygen.

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