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Return Migration Impacts on Rural Communities in Shani Local Government Area, Borno State, Nigeria

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Migration is major phenomenon in both traditional and contemporary global settings and thus it is not a new concept. The concept of return migration is as well a very popular practice in the traditional and modern world. Where migration refers to the movement of people from one geographical location to another for one reason or another, return migration involves back migration to the initial destination a person migrated from which may not necessarily be the first origin ( original home ). The migrant might to a second origin ( destination he stayed after migrating from his original home ). Return Migration usually have some impacts on the area of return, thus this paper examines such impacts on rural areas of Shani Local Government Area. Interview was conducted to 118 respondents selected through simple random sampling in four communities of Bargu, kubo, lakundum and Gwaskara. Respondents views affirmed that return migration use to make positive impacts ( such as skills, knowledge, improving the economy by investing their acquired resources, increase in population as they return with their families and physical developments witnessed by new buildings ) as well as negative impacts ( importation of lifestyles foreign to the communities, inability to take part in community’s regular activities such as farming and sometime importation of diseases ) in to the communities. It was also revealed that some return come with honour while others without which depends on the achievement of the migrant more especially as it has to do with economic prosperity. Recommendations offered includes integrating with the people as migrants return. Skills, knowledge and experience acquired should be considered as significant gains.


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return migration impacts rural communities shani local government area borno state nigeria

Titel: Return Migration Impacts on Rural Communities in Shani Local Government Area, Borno State, Nigeria