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Gun Violence in America

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Gun Violence in America

One issue faced in American society would be guns and the violence it brings in many different shapes and forms. On December 1791 the second amendment was ratified in the United States. The second amendment gives people the right to keep and bear arms which meant that people were able to keep firearms in their possession. As stated by James Madison, founder of the Constitution, said in 1789 that “composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country.” This shows the clear intent of the second amendment which was to provide self protection and security for people. But in recent time the second amendment has been abused by people which have usually lead to-violent crimes, death, homicide, and suicide. According to the article “What We Can To Stop It”, it states that “97 deaths occur in the U. S from gun violence per day”(Gregory 1). As mentioned by this article, guns are a major cause for death in the United States and it happens very frequently. The United States also has massive quantity of guns. In the article“ How to Stem Gun Violence By Making Gun Owners Rich” it states that,“ since 1986 over 100 million handguns have been manufactured and imported into the U. S. —approximately one for every household in America during that period”. This means that the U. S has more guns imported than any other countries which could be an explanation to why there is so much gun violence. Gun violence has constantly occurred throughout history but it wasn’t until recently that activists have become more passionate on enforcing stricter gun laws or putting an end to the 2nd amendment which gives people the right to bear arms. The reason for this would be because of the frequent mass shootings and homicide.

Gun violence has been rising for many years now and there seems to be no solution for it. It is reported by Ed Pilikington that “Gun deaths in the U. S has risen to highest level in 20 years” (Pilikington 2). There was a study done by New York City cardiologists which states that the U. S has about 88 guns per 100 people but there are 11 gun related deaths per 100,000 people. This is more than any of the other 27 states that were studied during this research. A growing body of research also suggests that the media has a huge part in Gun violence that has been occurring. In the article “Does the Media Cause Mass Shooting?” it states that, fixate on mass shootings as a way to “regain social capital” through the fame they know the media will bestow upon them with non-stop coverage of their crimes”(Keller 1). This how social media can be a factor for the gun violence since most shooters want to capitalize on the death of a victim for their own social gain. Most of the death reported from gun are also caused by handguns rather than other weapons such as shotgun, sniper, etc. In the article “How to Stem Gun Violence By Making Gun Owners Rich” it states that, “Rather, most gun violence is perpetrated with handguns. In the ten states with the most gun homicides, handguns are responsible for roughly 80 percent”(Glastris Jr. 47). This makes it obvious how there should be more regulation on handgun purchases since they are leading cause of death among guns. States that do not require gun permits are usually the states that suffers from the most gun violence in America.

Alaska and Alabama, states that suffer from the most gun violence, don’t require a state permit to purchase a firearm. This seems illogical and needs to be changed to lessen gun violence in these states. One solution in reducing gun violence would be to enforce stricter gun laws. It is stated by Devin Hughes that, “A law that would have required a gun buyer to apply for and get a permit at the discretion of law enforcement could have empowered authorities to deny the shooter access to an AR-15”(Hughes 1). This shows that enforcing a law that background checks the buyer of firearm could prevent a lot of the gun violence seen in Alaska and Alabama since people with past crimes and mental illnesses would be declined when purchasing any firearms. Gun violence is not only limited to homicide and crimes but also suicide. It is stated by Jon Schuppe that “More than 2,000 Americans kill themselves with a gun every year” (Schuppe 2). This shows how guns are the most used weapon for suicide and there should be a way to prevent this from happening. One solution to reducing or preventing suicide would be to not allow people who deem dangerous to themselves or other the opportunity to buy a firearm. Another problem America suffers from is mass shootings.

America also suffers a lot from mass shootings usually in school. It was reported by Meghan Keneally that “the US averaged at least 1 deadly mass shooting a month in 2018 which is an all time high” (Keneally 1). One of the deadliest shooting of the year took place in Park, Florida when a former student opened fire and killed 17 students and school staff. This deadly shooting signifies a huge gun problem in U. S since even a school, a supposedly safe learning environment has suffered from gun violence. There should be drastic measures taken against gun violence in schools. A solution would be to improve school security by having metal detectors in every school and require every student to go through security checks. Another thing schools can do to prevent gun violence is educate its students about the dangers of having a gun in possession. Mass shooting also happens more frequently in states that have lenient gun laws compared to states that have stricter gun laws. A state that suffers a lot from gun violence is the state of South Carolina.

There is reportedly 15. 2 firearm death per every 100,000 people which is higher than the national average. A reason for all the gun violence happening in South Carolina could be because of the fact that a permit is not required for a purchase of a firearm and anyone over 21 can purchase a firearm without needing a permit. On the evening of June 17, 2015 a 21 year old shooter by the name of Dylann Roof murdered nine African Americans during a prayer service at a Charleston church. It was also reported that a background check flaw allowed Dylann Roof to purchase a firearm even through he admitted to drug possession. This clearly shows that the background check system is broken and needs to be fix. Anyone that are drug users, criminals, and are mentally ill should not be able to have possession of a firearm regardless of any circumstances. Another similar gun incident had happened on October 17, 2018 in South Carolina. As stated by Matt Stevens, “A South Carolina man who the authorities say ambushed law enforcement officers, had 129 guns stockpiled at his home and fired about 29 rounds at officers”(Stevens 1). This is quite alarming that this man had that many guns and assaulted law enforcement officers. There should be a limit on the quantity of gun a person is able to buy. Gun Violence in South Carolina was also reported to be at its highest in many years, To conclude all of this, gun violence is a huge problem in America and more effort should be taken to reduce it. Everyday innocent people are dying and not much is being done about it. The purpose of owning a gun is for security and self protection. The purpose of owning a gun isn’t to kill innocent people. Some solution to prevent gun violence would be proposing stricter gun laws and better security at schools. Background checks can prevent unstable from being able to have possession of a firearm. Gun violence in South Carolina is increasing at a fast rate and is at an all time high. All states should also require a permit to buy a firearm and anyone under 21 shouldn’t be able to buy firearms.


From doing this research paper, I learned that gun violence in the United States is a far bigger problem from what I initially thought. I also learned that the current gun laws are far too lenient. I encountered a few challenges when working on this research paper. One of these challenges was finding a proper solution to reduce gun violence. Another challenge I encountered was finding reliable sources to make my argument stronger. I feel like I was effective in influencing others for social change since I spread awareness on how serious gun violence is and how it’s affecting innocent people in America.

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