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Market Evaluation and Recommendation

Identification of the Significance of Aller Air 5000 Executive Air Filter in India

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1.0. Executive Summary

2.0. Introduction

3.0. Identification of the Problem

4.0. Product Analysis
4.1. Description of the Product
4.2. SWOT Analysis of the Product

5.0. External Environment Analysis
5.1. Global Market Trend Analysis (PESTEL)
5.2. Analysis of the Target country (Environmental Factor)
5.3. Identifying and analyzing three main competitors in India
5.4 Opportunities in China for Air Purifier:

6.0. Conclusions

7.0. Recommendations

8.0. References

1.0. Executive Summary

India has experienced a significant increment in the pollution level over the past two decades, where ten of the most twenty polluted cities are in India. Product consumption tin he the surrounding states, manufacturing of autos and plastics overwhelm the residue components in industries that in turn spike in pollution. Owed to this pollution, individuals identify elective measures, among which are overpriced air purifiers as the most famous measure to curb pollution. This developing mindfulness among the general Indian populace about the growing contamination levels and dangers has called for individuals to exert resources by purchasing air purifiers. Apparently, this concept has extended the demand for air purifiers globally.

Similarly, with our promoted product; the AllerAir 5000 Executive Air Filter, a Canadian manufactured product; controls all sorts of pollutants which supposedly contribute to the polluted air indoors and outdoors. This amazing product features about 18lbs carbon activation that absorbs almost all gases and chemicals; and has an additional medical grade called HEPA filter that is responsible of eliminating about 99.97 percent of the entire airborne particles down to about 0.3 microns. Besides, the AllerAir 5000 Executive Air Filter can filter a maximum of about 1500 square feet.

Ideally, the aim of this report intends to identify the significance of AllerAir 5000 Executive Air Filter in India. Surprisingly, India stands as one of the best business and investment destinations. Nevertheless, business rivalry besides the copyright system are the main challenges in the Indian market. The key impediment faced in this report is allied to limitations of pertinent data from the diverse sources. But then again, according to my indivindual research, it is comprehended that the Indian community deserve cutting-edge air filter system due to the growing air pollution in the living environment and the consumer levels of air filters in India which rapidly increases every year.

From report, my evaluation of the environmental factors in India for recommendations is based on a further need for research about the all environmental factors in India for appropriate findings and inferences. Empirically, much of the air pollutants in India emanates from industrial and vehicle emissions. My recommendation was driven towards air filter masks that will assist the Indian people from inhaling polluted air.

2.0. Introduction

AllerAir 5000 Executive Air Filter identifies a great concern that it must create convenient components that can offer residential and business premises with the freshest and cleanest air indoors. AllerAir 5000 Executive Air Filter system cuts out as the most advanced air filter solution available in the air purification gadgets market. Apparently, this air filter provides the various types of pollutants which contribute to poor indoor air quality. The purpose of this report is to analyze the importance of Aller Air 5000 Executive Air Filter in India as a fantastic nation which is remarkably affluent in each field with numerous scholars, researchers and implausible identities globally.

Comparatively, the historical backdrop of India dates back from the Indus valley development from the days of Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa and Lothal who acted as preceding pieces of the Indian mainland. As branded, India is a a home to all human races, the human discourse origin, the source of history and legendries and convention. Uniquely, India is prized as one with the most informative sources of historical backdrop of humankind are prized up in India.

The research questions to be explored further are: What is the problem faced by Aller Air 5000 Executive Air Filter while launching their target product in India? What are the applications and features of AllerAir 5000 Executive Air Filter? In what ways does environmental factors influence the global market trend of the respective target country (India)? Who is the key competitor recognized in the target country? Apparently, these typical questions will get answered in aggregation of the best knowledge available. However, the information will be sourced from Canadian Statistics, Indian Statistics, Aller Air website, e-books as well as articles related to this. The Aller Air 5000 Executive Air Filter report provides analysis of the product SWOT in addition to the target country as well as the environmental factor in the target nation.

3.0. Identification of the Problem

As a matter of fact, air pollution has exponentially increased over the years. In light of this, coal-burning plants has made great contribution to this pollution in most Indian provinces. The process of transferring pollutants from the industrialized region to lees-industrialized regions also results to environmental changes. Currently, the significance of air filter systems in India is rapidly increasing as there is a pool of competition from companies already under contract or in trade relationships in the India market. By identifying the competitor in our target market as well as the importance of Aller Air 5000 Executive Air Filter in India will assist in combating air pollution control in several areas with the assistance of the Indian government that has erected and a 328-foot tall installation of an air purifier in the North-Western Indian city of Jaipur (ABUKAR, H., & PETTERSSON, 2013).

Apparently, it will be of great significance in addressing the research questions for further exploration: Problems faced by Canada in launching Aller Air 5000 Executive Air Filter in India? What are the features and applications of Aller Air Filter? The SWOT, current rank and position of Aller Air in the respective Canadian market? Ways in which the environmental factors influence the global market trend of the target market? competitors identified in the target nation (India)? Key potential opportunities relished by Canada in India?

4.0. Product Analysis

4.1. Description of the Product

Aller Air 5000 Executive Air Filter - this exemplary unit makes a substantial progress measure as it treats and cleanses different poisonous substances which may add to indoor air quality pollution levels. In addition, Aller Air 5000 executive air filter has an update from a deeper carbon overnight boarding house that is propelled by a Super-HEPA channel that grasps tiny particles; a feature in it known as the Air Medic pro 5 Plus Executive.

Features include:

- Aller Air’s deep bed activated carbon filter capable of absorbing gases and chemicals.
- Super HEPA filter that enhances removal of 99.97 percent of airborne particles including dust, pollen, viruses, bacteria among others.
- Variety of models are available designed to block airborne pollutants that are heavily concentrated.
- Covers a maximum of about 1500 square feet
- Comes with a 10-year warranty period on labor as well a sfive years on parts.
- With agencies in the Canada and U.S, the company has a committed team of personnel and Indoor Air Quality Experts thus, it is a prominent leader in residential, business, and commercial installations. ("Aller Air 5000 Exec Air Purifier", 2018)

4.2. SWOT Analysis of the Product


Allerair 5000 Executive Air Filter have powerfull motors with a capacity of performing up to 6 to 8 comprehensive air exchanges every hour to completely clean a room. Its system filter comprises actuated carbon to relinquish any hurtful gases as well as substance vapor, with many units having saturated carbon to adsorb the VOCs friendly formaldehyde more sufficiently. AllerAir Filters manufactured from high-review pieces to offer astonishing steadfast quality and fulfillment permanently.


AllerAir Filters comes with extra operating expenses over time unit due to the continuous channel changes and protuberant power utilities. Basically, this product generates very toxic off-gassing allied to inferior components from low -grade plastic housing. In either case, there is no apparent indicator to when someone should change or replace the air filter.


Air does not get ideally cleaner – While this point is not as useful to people, air quality disintegrate throughout the times during the purification. What's more, consequently, the market is still open for the AllerAir products. The extra parts administration for air purifiers is enormous. It does not matter if it’s in India or in other universal markets ranks. Fairly, the air purifiers significance is rising. Subsequently, the extra parts such as candle and filters have astounding demand as well. AllerAir has become a generic brand name in the Indian and Asian markets as the best air filter. It has laid a strong product portfolio for accredited commercial air filter systems.


With the numerous competitions and from the extra parts and administrations, the AllerAir brand penetration is dropping. Above and beyond, even neighborhood dealers are endorsing incoming brands and leaving out AllerAir due to the associated costs. This obviously causes damage to the main brand. (Coleman, "AllerAir 5000 Exec HEPA Review", 2015)

5.0. External Environment Analysis

5.1. Global Market Trend Analysis (PESTEL)

The car division in many brands are indispensable end-client to this product as well as cars controlled by non-renewable energy and have to be equipped with cabin air channels along with motor air filters. Most cabin air filters emit destructive particles inflowing the lodge, and the motor air channel which limits their penetration into motor barrels. Furthermore, motor air filter also attracts particulate matters and reduce oil pollution odds along with mechanical wear. In that case, derived from this productivity, simple practicality, and cost-capability of the materials, for instance, froth and paper, companies utilize these materials to create air channels. Empirically, Technavio's statistical report from researchers anticipates that with the growth of the car division, the air filter market will provide an remarkable observer development in the subsequent years (Dholakia et al., 2013). As per the research, this specific market will procure an income of approximately $21 billion annually by 2022.

5.2. Analysis of the Target country (Environmental Factor)

Certainly, along with India’s hasty industrial growth carries along serious adverse impacts on the environment, these comprising increasing pollution with declining natural resources too. In 2007, India was mentioned as one of the world's emitter of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases after China. According to Hart et al. (2016), the UN allied body; WTO dispensed some details about the nature of air in about 272 urban areas in India and around the world, ad brought to attention that seven out of the ten city dwellers, the most contaminated ones were in India. Furthermore, hooked on India's assessment, about 66 percent of the 402 urban dwellers which have been air contaminated were modestly or extremely polluted.

` Currently, like any other administration, the government of India's has embarked on natural and progressive solutions to issues affecting the nation. Through an understanding the spirit of natural safety, the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) was formally was shifted to a service level agency. Up to now, India's ecological policy has been fortified, with some improvement in the stemming natural degeneration that has been additionally made. Apparently, India partook in the Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development in the year 2005, which brings together enterprises as well as government agencies to implement the elementary actions together that reduce pollution and universal environmental changes (Smith, 2017). Due to these efforts, the nature of air in a many urban settings have been boosted lately.



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