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Impacts of business policies on economic growth. Achieving a strategic plan

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This paper presents impacts of business policies on economic growth and gives advices for creating a strategic plan. A strategic plan is used to set business priorities, inform the decisions, and guide the business operations of various organizations. The strategic plan ensures that every member of an organization plays their role in the achievement of a common goal that effectively accommodates the changes in both internal and external business environments. It’s also used as a communication tool to inform all the stakeholders of the business objectives and the action plan for achieving those objectives. To develop an effective business plan, it’s important that all aspects of internal and external business environment are taken into consideration. This is due to the fact that these factors such as inflation, interest rate, the Gross Domestic Product, and trade balance significantly affect the ability of the organization to attain its set objectives according to the business plan.

Monetary policies are used by the government to regulate the value of a country’s currency such that it remains stable at all times. The monetary policy is also concerned with a reduction in the rate of unemployment which significantly affects a country Gross Domestic Product. Therefore, a country that wishes to achieve economic milestones should be in a position to change its monetary policies so as to control important factors such as the rate of inflation. Changing these policies gives the country full control over various nominal variables such as the exchange rate and money supply so as to increase the rate of economic growth especially with regard to imports and exports. As a result, the monetary policies set by a country have consequences on the economic growth of that country.


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Titel: Impacts of business policies on economic growth. Achieving a strategic plan