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A Study to Determine the Effects of Extra Curricular Activities to the Academic Performance of Selected Students in a Night High School

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This study was undertaken to find out what are the common experiences of students in participating extra-curricular activities. Also this study aims to know on how students cope up the difficulties they’ve experienced while joining extra-curricular activities.
Only fifteen selected students are involved in the research, thus we recommend that they must gather more respondents in order for them to generalize the views and experiences of the students for having an extra-curricular in school.
Based on the data that we gathered from all of our respondents that are involved in extra-curricular activities, many of them share the same experiences regarding their participation on ECA. They gain experiences that positively affect them and can be used to improve and enhance not only their grades but their skills and their personality as a student and as a person.
For all the students who have extra-curricular activities, researchers recommend that if they will involve to this kind of activity, they should balance their time management in order to not affect their academic performance. In addition, for students who wants to have extra-curricular activities, we recommend that they should prioritize their academics first before other things so that they could not suffer difficulties especially when it comes to projects, assignments and tests.


Table of Contents

Chapter I-Introduction
Background of the Study
Significance of the Study
Statement of the Objectives
Scope and Limitation

Chapter II-Review of Related Literature

Chapter III-Methodology






Background of the Study

Nowadays, high school students have a hard time balancing their school works, activities, and non- academic activities. In result of these factors, the academics or the performance of the student in the aspect of academics were being affected. ECA or the Extra Curricular Activities are also beneficial to the students for it also give some percentage of the grades of the students.

Based from the past studies, researchers discovered that academic performance of students in schools are affected by the of ECA of the students. The extracurricular activities have a big role that mainly affects the academic performance of the students.

The main respondents of the researchers are the Grade 7 – 10 students who are participating the different extra – curricular activities inside and outside school. The researchers decided to interview this student as they are the main scope of this study.

Extracurricular are those that fall outside the scope of your regular curriculum. Extracurricular activities exist for all students. Extra-Curricular activities molds the students to social, academic, physical and emotional growth of students. Examples of extracurricular activities are student governments, academic clubs, scouts, athletes, fine arts, publications, and special interest activities.

This research takes place at Regino Mercado Night High School, consolidated in the school year 2018-2019. Most of the time, the Junior High School Students are the one who have many experience taking extracurricular activities while having their academics. The purpose of this study is to know the effects of extracurricular activities to the academic performance of selected students in Regino Mercado Night High School and if extra curricular activities would be an advantage or disadvantage for the students.

According to Gallemit, “et al” (2016-2017), the Department of Education (DepEd) memorandum or the Republic act no. 10533 or Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 (K-12 Law), grades between academic and extracurricular activities are being separated. Points from extracurricular activities are not to be added to the overall grades of students anymore. The researchers believe that this is an aspect of the study that will greatly affect the academic performance of students especially, the ones who are active in Extra-curricular activities and dependent on it in improving their grades.

Significance of the Study

The importance of the study is to give some information on how the ECA affects the student’s performance on the aspect of academics. The researchers want to know if ECA affects the student’s academic performance positively, or negatively. It is important to know what are the effects of extracurricular activities to the academics of the Junior High students because it gives knowledge and information to the parents and students so that they can make a better choice for their school program.

Statement of Problem

The primary objective of this study is to analyze the effect of extra-curricular activities to the selected students in RMNHS. The study determines if it does effect the grade and the performance of the selected students in their academics and it aims to answer the following questions:

- What are the extra-curricular activities does Regino Mercado Night High School have?
- What are the experiences of the students in terms of taking or joining on extracurricular activities while also taking the academics?
- How does the extracurricular activities affect the academic performance of a Junior High Student?


The outcome of this study will depend on the variables being studied. The effects of the ECA in academic performance of the students hypothesize that H0 (null), there is an evidence that ECA affects the academic performance of the selected Students in Regino Mercado Night High School.

Scope and Limitations of the Study

The scope of this study is only selected students of the Regino Mercado Night High School specifically students from the Junior High School Department, where students are chosen randomly. The researchers’ study only covers the effects of the ECA to the student’s performance on the aspect of academics. The research is qualitative, thus, the researchers only used interview specifically semi-structured interview.

Definition of Terms

Students – a person who attends a school; a person who studies something

Extra-curricular Activities – used to describe extra activities (such as sports) that can be done by the students in school but that are not part of the regular schedule of classes

ECA – Extra Curricular Activities


Review of Related Literature

According to Craft (2012), ECA may be a beneficial factor to the academic program of a student. In the research of Craft, ECA are beneficial but there are some ECA or non-academic programs that affects the student’s performance on the academics specially on the High School and College students. Based on his research, the benefits of engaging to ECA are making a student more attending to his/her school, increases also the test result in school and etc.

Based on the research of O’Dea,J.(1994), ECA has an important role in today’s high school programs. When one considers the large number of activities available, one realizes the variety of the programs. Included in ECA are athletics, publication, student government, fine arts, academic clubs, and many more. There is a huge amount of research focused on studying the relationship between student involvement in activities and student academic achievement. Although a positive relation has been shown in many of these studies, there is still a competitive battle among educators concerning the need of ECA.

From the research also of Daba, Andre. extracurricular activities are very beneficial to the performance of a student. Based on his research, in participating extracurricular activities, the involvement of the student is needed. In studies, it is stated that a student can earn a lot of benefits if she/he is involved in doing ECA. The benefits of being involved in ECA is they can learn how to manage their time, prioritizing and gaining self-confidence. ECA usually gives a positive effects to the students.

From a journal, ECA is an essential factor for the skills of the students. It makes a student think critically, managing the time well, and competency in terms of intelligence. It also help the student to achieve social maturity. Having social maturity helps the student to interact and gain relationship to the people in the community. These concept is related to the research of Massoni(2011) that discuss about the role and effects of ECA to the students in school. From his study, ECA is beneficial to the role of a student in school. It improves the behavior and the school performance of the students in school.

According also to Brown(n.d.), students who participates in ECA can help us to improve ourselves. Also, it may improves the leadership skills of the students. It helps them to interact and to easily communicate to other people. These skills may help us in other ways of our lives. By participating in ECA in schools, it helps to decrease their behavioral problem such as having no confidence in meeting new people or friends. By engaging to ECA, it help to gain self-confidence, leadership, and other traits.

Fujita(2005) said that several research were performed regarding the connection among extra curricular activities and academic performance. Participation in extra curricular activities, is related to an improved grade point average, higher academic aspirations, increased attendance, and decreased absenteeism.

Broh(2002), Guest and Schneider(2003), in searching on the previous studies in the subject stated,” Researchers have discovered positive institutions among extracurricular participation and academic achievement”. Although the researchers agree that ECA do, in fact, influence educational overall performance, the precise effect that various activities produce is debated. One observe, conducted by the National Educational Longitudinal Study, discovered that “ participation in other diminishes achievement”(Broh,2002).



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Titel: A Study to Determine the Effects of Extra Curricular Activities to the Academic Performance of Selected Students in a Night High School