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Inbound Marketing. How New Media is Changing the Process of Generating Leads

Hausarbeit 2020 37 Seiten

BWL - Offline-Marketing und Online-Marketing


The aim of this paper is to investigate the development of new media and the resulting effects on lead generation in online marketing. The method "inbound marketing" will be described in more detail. The present paper wants to prove the relevance and application urgency of this methodology in the company in context of the new generation of leads. The method "In-bound Marketing" will be presented in practical application in a company and the subsequent effects will be examined in more detail on the basis of an analysis of multiple company case studies.

In the highly competitive environment of the Internet, SME’s face the challenge to mess with the players of every size and nearly unlimited information access for the customer. In many cases, the customer can compare prices for a product or service and then decide. The customer no longer appears as a reactive consumer but is an active and highly networked partner at eye level due to the new media.To be found by the customer at all and therefore to be considered for a decision is essential for companies who want to be digitally successful. Search engine marketing (SEM) therefore has become more important to German companies than video or social media spendings.

The creation of content without a direct call to purchase, on the other hand, initially costs money, often without direct revenue being generated from it. Nevertheless, the development of content marketing expenditure shows that many companies still recognize the added value. In the European region alone, this expenditure will have almost tripled in 2020 since 2014. Despite the realization that content in the form of text, video, and images can sustainably affect the perception of a company, there is often a lack of options to measure this influence. When considering the isolated ROI of using tools such as Google AdWords, there is a risk of relying too much on a customer's last click without taking a holistic view of the customer's relationship with the business. The isolated consideration of the expenses can, therefore, lead to an inefficient distribution of resources. Inbound marketing starts here by providing a process with derivable measures along the customer journey around the provided content. This holistic approach uses various online marketing approaches in order to address customers optimally at every point of contact with the company.


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Titel: Inbound Marketing. How New Media is Changing the Process of Generating Leads