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Towards effective legislative performance in a less developed state. A Nigeria experience

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This paper seeks to be an advantageous to legislatives issues in public institutions with government drawing its policy effectively with input from this so that there will be proper amendments and new legislation to reform the legislative institution to be result driven. It hoped that this paper will drives legislative arms of government to be more top public institution that can have proper checks and balances on the executive rather than bureaucratic non delivery system. The stated aim of government all over is to achieve or accomplish good governance. By good governance, we imply the delivery goods and services to the people. Cornpared to the experience of other of government (military regimes, for instance) goods and services are better delivered under a democratic dispensation in which checks and balances between the different arms of government are ensured. This is because in a democratic government leaders are representative of the people, elected on a periodic basis, they try to ensure that the real benefits of democracy (both material and moral) are readily and consistently accrual to the citizenry.
In most states of the Nigerian federation, it is evident that the processes of socio-economic development have been better enhanced under a democratic dispensation. In Benue State, for instance, the establishment of industries and other institutions like the Taraku Mills, Otukpo Burnt Bricks, Benue State University, Makurdi, etc by the administration of former of Governors of Benue state,Mr. Aper Aku and Rev.Fr.Moses Adasu between 1979-1983 and 1991 -1993 respectively have been used as reference points.Observers of the pace of development in the State describe these periods, in comparison to the era of military regimes, as the glorious periods of Benue State. Several reasons are advanced for this development.


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Toward effective Legislation Less developed State Nigeria Experince

Titel: Towards effective legislative performance in a less developed state. A Nigeria experience